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Things To Know

Green Gardens Landscape & Installation, Inc. takes pride in providing the best in landscape practices. The following outline is meant to assist you in making informed decisions about the type of care you wish to receive. Each section will explain the procedures used by Green Gardens Landscape & Installation, Inc. to help your landscape reach its full potential. Remember that proper maintenance is also preventative maintenance.

Services listed below may be subject to change and customized depending on site conditions and changes in current industry practices.

  • 1. Spring Clean-up:
    This is a general clean-up of leaves and debris from plant and turf areas. Roses will be trimmed to remove dead branches, perennials left up for winter interest will be cut back and hydrangeas, if applicable, will be pruned. Turf areas will be raked lightly to remove debris. Re-edging along plant bed and turf areas ensures a clean-cut and finished appearance to your landscape. Plant beds will be lightly cultivated in order to promote better air, water and nutrient exchange with your plants. Spring is a good time to add nutrients to the planting beds. For an additional charge, organic compost and/or micronutrients can be applied to plant beds to help improve soil structure and improve the health of your plant materials.
  • 2. Weekly Mowing:
    This program begins mid-April and ends mid-October. It provides the basic needs of your property. Services to be performed on a weekly basis include: Mowing and trimming of all turf areas; removal of only excess grass clippings and power blowing of all hard surfaces. Each week, the crew will use a weed whipper to maintain turf edges along cement and paver areas. A small amount of weeding may also be performed.There may be a few times a year in hot, dry weather when the grass will not need cutting. Therefore, instead of cutting that can damage the turf, other services such as weeding, will be performed for the same amount of time allotted for mowing.
  • 3. Plant Bed/Shrub Care:
    For a well-kept appearance, all plant beds will be weeded, edged and lightly cultivated (if appropriate). Trimming and pruning of ornamental trees, shrubs and groundcover is performed to maintain a well-kept look as well as eliminate any dead or broken branches which are favorite sites for insects and disease infestation. Thinning of plants also allows needed air and sun penetration necessary for proper growth. We recommend at least one trip per month, May to September; however, service can be customized to fit your property’s needs.
  • 4. Fall Clean-up:
    Fall Clean-up begins in late October and, depending on specific property needs, occurs on alternate weeks until the end of November. During a fall clean-up, leaves will be blown from plant beds and turf, then mulched with a mower. The mulched leaves are spread onto turf and/or plant bed areas leaving a thin layer of debris to feed nutrients into the soil. Any excess, if applicable, will be removed and hauled away. All turf areas will be mowed and all hard surfaces will be blown free of debris. NOTE: Should weather interfere with clean-up, every opportunity will be made to complete the clean up. Should snowy weather prevent this, leaves will be handled in the spring with the spring clean up.
  • 5. Snow removal:
    Residential only snow removal costs can be added to a regular maintenance contract to create a 12 month contract. See description below for specifics.
  • 6. Debris from Storm Damage:
    There will be an extra charge when we have to pick up branches, etc., after a storm. If branches are too large, it is recommended that you contact a local arborist/tree care firm for assistance.


  • Shredded Hardwood Mulch or Compost Layer:
    Whether mulching for the first time or adding a ‘refresher layer’, shredded hardwood mulch will help retain moisture and inhibit weed growth around plantings while providing a more tailored look. A higher grade of mulch, with a greater organic content; is recommended so nutrients are added to the soil that improve plant health and soil structure.
  • Drainage and Stormwater Solutions:
    Design and install draintiles and rain gardens that incorporate water conservation methods and native plants, where appropriate.
  • Annuals, Perennials, & Spring Bulbs:
    One of the greatest joys of landscaping is the display of color possible with annuals, perennials and spring bulbs. We will help you select and install plants that are best suited to your growing conditions.
  • Core Aeration – Fall:
    Core aeration is the process for removing soil plugs from your turf areas in order to improve soil conditions. Core aeration breaks down the heavy clay content found in local soils, improves air, water and nutrient penetration. This can be done with re-seeding for an extra charge.
  • Lawn Renovation:
    Lawn renovation is needed when neglect, disease or poor lighting conditions have made your turf sparse and tired looking. Turf may require a minor or a major rejuvenation to improve its health and look. There are various methods to rejuvenate your lawn. It starts with a soil test to determine what nutrients are deficient or in excess. Then, a customized plan that can include compost, core aeration and/or organic fertilizers is developed. When organic fertilizer or pest/disease management is required, we partner with licensed professionals for these applications.
  • Dormant Pruning:
    Winter is the optimum time to prune trees and shrubs for long-term health and beauty. Lack of leaves provides for a ‘clearer picture’ during pruning practices and reduces the chance for disease. This is a great opportunity to remove damage from previous improper pruning practices such as ‘witches broom’, which stimulates only top growth and, therefore, shades out new growth below. This can result in thinner leaf coverage and sparse growth.
  • Snow Removal:
    Service begins with first measurable snow and ends on March 31st of the following calendar year. After 2” of snow has fallen, crews will be dispatched. Snow will be moved to available turf areas around driveways, public/front sidewalks and front stoop areas only. There is an additional charge for patios or other backyard/side yard areas. There is an additional charge for environmentally safe salting products.
  • Seasonal rate based on 10 occurrences of snow per season, but not limited to 10 occurrences if it falls within the contract period. If there are more than 10 occurrences, then a per occurrence rate will be billed client. Should extreme snow conditions occur i.e., blizzard conditions, then removal costs will be based as follows: 2”-4” normal per visit rate, 4″ – 8″ an additional trip charge, 8″ – 12″ + another trip charge. If there are less than 10 occurrences during the contract period (i.e., first snow through March 31st of the following calendar year), a refund of 10% for snow only will be given. This refund can be used towards other services or received as a refund.
  • Design Services:
    We partner with landscape designers experienced in the latest design concepts including outdoor rooms, native plant design and stormwater management. Landscape designs can be provided, for a fee, for large or small projects. Small improvements may be done via a sketch at no charge. Generally, a plat of survey is required to facilitate the process, but is not imperative.
  • Initial meeting to review your landscape maintenance or landscape design requirements.
  • Knowledgeable sales staff that regularly evaluate the landscape environment. We coordinate with other professional services such as arborists and lawn care professionals to address plant disease to prevent loss of investment in the landscape.
  • A thorough, easy to read proposal.
  • Regular monthly visits by the owner to ensure maintenance consistency and quality.
  • Periodic follow up visits to monitor watering for all new or existing plant installations.
  • Existing clients receive client appreciation coupon for each new client referral resulting in a signed contract for maintenance or landscape installation.
  • Design fees vary between $500-$850.